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Fates and Furies Slots - Play Online or on Mobile Now

Fates and Furies Slots - Play Online or on Mobile Now

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Fates And Furies Slots - Play Online Or On Mobile Now Video

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I am deciding whether or not to read this book. I really like books that are written from multiple POV. However, I really dislike anything that is heavily "anti-marriage".

I'm totally fine with a realistic description of the difficulties of married life, but I usually steer clear from anything that boasts cheating, resentment, etc, as normal.

Without many spoilers, would you recommend this book to me? It's not anti marriage. Not all the people's behavior is above board but there is no real condemnation of the institution.

See all 52 questions about Fates and Furies…. Lists with This Book. Jun 09, Emily rated it it was ok Shelves: This book was a HUGE disappointment.

I mean, holy purple prose, Batman! But Fates and Furies is pretentious and overwritten. It tries so hard to be a literary masterpiece that you end up with asides like this one: Her mother had smelled of cold and scales, her father of stone dust and dog.

Sallie was starch, cedar. Her dead grandmother, sandalwood. Her uncle, Swiss cheese. People told her she smiled like garlic, like chalk, like nothing at all.

Lotto, clean as camphor at his neck and belly, like electrified pennies at the armpit, like chlorine at the groin.

If you like convoluted metaphors and improbable life stories, you will enjoy this book. But most importantly, if you like the grotesque, you will enjoy this book.

The narrative constantly asks us: What is worth giving up for a marriage, and how can two people stay together? There were a few poignant scenes where I really felt like Groff had captured this for Lotto and Mathilde, and I actually felt invested in their relationship: Great swaths of her life were white space to her husband.

What she did not tell him balanced neatly with what she did. Still, there are untruths made of words and untruths made of silences, and Mathilde had only ever lied to Lotto in what she never said.

But even that fell apart for me given how ridiculous I found most of the book. I probably should have stopped reading this in the first hundred pages, when view spoiler [in the space of a few pages, a fourteen-year-old boy first discovers the suicide of his classmate, and then his drama teacher who - surprise!

Or when I realized that Chollie god was a character who was actually going to stick around for awhile. The implication that married couples have secrets from each other is a sensible one; the idea that view spoiler [Mathilde had her tubes tied and then listened to Lotto talk about children for three decades is not hide spoiler ].

But after reaching the end of the book, I vehemently disagree. If she had put the same amount of effort or time into her own work, she would have been just as successful.

Or if it had, so what? View all comments. Jan 12, Emily May rated it it was ok Shelves: Between his skin and hers, there was the smallest of spaces, barely enough for air, for this slick of sweat now chilling.

Even still, a third person, their marriage, had slid in. This book is beautifully-written. I can't deny that and I won't try, which is why it gets an extra star.

Fates and Furies is everyday poetry for those looking to turn the mundane into a meditation on the beauty of words and the power of metaphor.

But when it comes to plot, characters and emotion, it leaves something to Between his skin and hers, there was the smallest of spaces, barely enough for air, for this slick of sweat now chilling.

But when it comes to plot, characters and emotion, it leaves something to be desired. Peeling back the layers of poetry, I found This truly is a book of poetic words masking uninteresting characters and a boring plot.

Both of which are viewed through a distant, purple-tinted lens, delivering no warmth or connection to the story. Personally, I do not think this is like Gone Girl at all, story-wise or stylistically.

The comparisons emerge from a marriage being told with changing perspectives and how this changes our view of it , plus the upper middle class wealth of the characters.

Fates and Furies uses a weak story as a means to explore language, word usage and metaphor. The basic, fundamental goals of each book feel different.

Plus, I think - and this might get some raised eyebrows - that the characters of Gone Girl are saved from being completely unlikable.

Or perhaps, at least, elicit a powerful enough response from us that we care about them, remember them, and love to hate them.

Amy might be view spoiler [a crazy bitch hide spoiler ] but she's also smart, charming and insightful. There is none of that "love to hate" here.

Lotto and Mathilde are merely obnoxious and irritating. The plot is revealed, almost in its entirety, by the book description. This is about a marriage, told from the two different sides and, clearly, we are going to get a very different view from each side.

There is no "twist" really, just a changing view of events and characters. There is also a running metaphor tied in with Greek mythology, which some might perceive as feminist.

To be honest, I liked the idea of the feminist symbolism more than the heavy-handed execution. The idea is that women are always more than they seem, today and historically, smart and cunning behind the scenes, manipulating events like the Greek Fates and Furies themselves.

But the author kind of bashes us over the head with the cleverness of her own metaphor. In fact, many things were done wrong. Lotto is a playwright and the book contained long extracts from his plays, which was incredibly tedious.

I also didn't want to use the P-word in a book with a word mission like this, but damn, it is pretentious. He would have liked to go deeper into her, to seat himself on the seat of her lacrimal bone and ride there, tiny homunculus like a rodeo cowboy, understand what it was she thought.

Also, the repetitive and gross descriptions of sex and sexual desire felt unnecessary. I don't mean to be prudish, but everyone in this book is experiencing some kind of weird sexual inclination toward other people.

It seems to be the "thing" these days to deconstruct sex into something political, harsh and unpleasant - Gone Girl did that too - but it was just tiring here.

Not exciting, not interesting, not shocking. He imagined a lifetime of screwing on the beach until they were one of those ancient pairs speed-walking in the morning, skin like lacquered walnut meat.

Even old, he would waltz her into the dunes and have his way with her sexy frail bird bones, the plastic hips, the bionic knee.

Fates and Furies feels like a book for readers who genuinely enjoy the exploration of language and metaphor, and do not require some kind of emotional connection with the characters or story.

If you're looking for a twisty mystery with unlikable characters, stick with Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train. If those characters are too unlikable for you, read Tana French or just do that anyway.

If you're looking for a quieter character study about family life, try A Spool of Blue Thread. View all 61 comments. Apr 23, karen rated it really liked it Shelves: Gone Girl with slightly nicer people How, so gently, she flicked it and kept him spinning.

His wife carried their picnic basket to the edge of the lake under a willow so old it no longer wept, just sort of bore its fate with thickened equanimity.

View all 62 comments. Oct 02, Vegantrav rated it did not like it. My apologies to the author, Lauren Groff, for being so harsh, but this novel is terrible.

We still have almost 3 full months remaining, but I have no doubt it will at least be in the top 3 worst reads of the year. I hated this novel.

I only finished reading hate-reading, actually so I could have an outlet for my anger and disappointment: Reading the description that Two word review: Reading the description that Goodreads has posted on its main page for Fates and Furies is making me physically ill: A dazzling examination of a marriage.

The only expectation it defies is that of one expecting to read good literature. It is dazzling only in its level of insipid ludicrousness.

I am so angry that this book, so highly touted and so extravagantly praised 1. These latter two books are touted as two of the biggest books of the year.

After reading two such good works of literature especially the Winslow novel , it was truly disappointing to encounter something so awful as Fates and Furies.

How this novel made it onto the longlist of finalists for the National Book Award is beyond my comprehension. Lotto short for Lancelot is the husband and Mathilde is the wife.

Yes, one of our protagonists is called Lotto. If I may, I shall, without spoiling anything, simply list some of the inanities of this novel: Mathilde once allowed a leech that had latched onto her leg to stay because she was so lonely.

Lotto thought this story was so touching that, years later, he began telling it as if it were his own.

Yes, Mathilde was so lonely she let a parasite suck on her for a few days until it fell off in the shower, and when it fell off, she was sad.

And her husband found this story moving. Because lonely children love parasites sucking on their flesh. This is idiocy that defies description.

About 5 months after Lotto's mother, Antoinette, has died, Lotto is discussing how he and his mother had been estranged. Lotto is very emotional and is tearing up, and Chollie, his best friend, refers to Antoinette as a "loveless cunt" pardon the language, but this is a direct quote.

Ariel mentions, just off the cuff, that he heard Lotto has "come into a shocking inheritance. Because this is how Groff imagines that real people act.

Lotto seems to write a brand new play, cast the actors, and produce and stage that same play all within about a year's time. And, when most productive, he is churning out one play a year.

In what fantasy world of New York theater does Groff thinks that this happens? Lotto and Mathilde get married after only knowing each other 2 weeks.

Before the marriage, Lotto had been exceedingly promiscuous with both women and men, but he immediately settles down completely upon meeting Mathilde, gives up his promiscuous ways, and never comes close to cheating on her throughout their marriage.

I suppose this is within the realm of possibility, but Groff changes Lotto so completely and instantaneously that the change just does not ring true.

The prose is just horrible and ludicrous. At one point, Groff provides a list of the items in massive garbage heap floating in the sea: Does she even know what taxidermy is?

Is she just throwing words on the page randomly? Fickle, inconstant, that monthly changes in her circle orb" page I get the Shakespearean allusion, but still: Lotto and his sister, Rachel, refer to their mother as "muvva.

Lotto and Mathilde have a dog named God. Yep, that's just hilarious, isn't it? It's not that I'm offended by this; I'm not.

I just think it's dumb. Really, really, really dumb. Trying to describe an idyllic scene at Mathilde's grandmother's dairy farm in France a grandmother who, we are told earlier, sold blood sausages on the black market in France during World War II--that's not even a thing: Groff thinks this is a good thing.

Ummmm, so if the milk tastes like manure, it's contaminated! That's nasty and gross. That's not how milk is supposed to taste.

I'm a vegan and even I know that milk is not supposed to taste like bovine excrement! Mathilde takes a high-performance Mercedes for a drive at night.

She turns off the headlights and speeds up to mph. She hits a culvert and the car somersaults. Other than biting her tongue pretty badly, she is unhurt.

We get insightful wisdom like this via Mathilde's thoughts on page Groff is not a completely inept writer. Near the end, we get this gem of a sentence: Vulgar language does not offend me.

This is supposed to pass for good literature? Okay, so I won't go on any more. I hated everything about this book.

Even two of the supposed startling secrets near the end view spoiler [Lotto had a son when he was 15 that was given up for adoption and who then shows up at the end of the novel after Lotto has died and has sex with Mathilde; Mathilde, when she was 4-years-old, seems it's left a bit vague to have intentionally pushed her younger brother down the stairs, which killed him hide spoiler ] left me cold and bored.

This novel is just terrible. Seriously, do not read this pretentious hokum. Book-1 Shelby-0 I hate this book. There I said it. I keep trying to read it and then I look down and it says I still have soooo much time left in this book.

I'm never going to finish. The only character that I'm somewhat interested in is Chollie. The rest of them are just pretentious hipster assholes.

Netgalley in exchange for review I'm probably totally missing out by not making myself finish this book. I'm still not gonna do it but my friend Leanne loved Book-1 Shelby-0 I hate this book.

I'm still not gonna do it but my friend Leanne loved it and wrote a beautiful review for the book. View all 89 comments. May 07, Debbie rated it really liked it Shelves: Language to die for.

But why did it take me three weeks to read? This is a complex love story, full of secrets and regrets and passion.

It is absolutely brilliant. Yeah, so why DID it take me so long to read this? Take a peek at my Complaint Board: At the end, I got to a brilliant twist!

I knew it was brilliant, but wait….. I could search the names and get transported right back to the scenes where the characters were mentioned.

Oh yes, now I see…. Just too long and dense. The sentence structure, though gorgeous, slowed me down. This can be problematic; see my first complaint.

Cut out the plays. Super confusing to me. And one hostile conversation where a woman is called a total vagina and later a pig face seemed over-the-top and unbelievable.

Would people at a party actually say such things? Super minor, but annoying: Give me a dictionary!

I like learning a few new words, but there were a LOT here, sometimes two or more to a page. Reading this would be a great way to learn vocabulary for the SATs.

The wife is more dynamic and complex than the husband. Luckily, her story is the one at the end, so the joy flows as you read on. Now for the good—no, the incredible—stuff.

To start with, the characters are so vivid, I felt like I really knew what makes them tick. They are complex, intriguing, flawed. The third-person narration made me believe it all; there were no unreliable narrators to make me worry that any of it was false.

This was so clever! I mean, I love a good unreliable narrator, but here, it was cool the way the narration made everything believable.

I felt like I was in the in-crowd; it made me feel lucky and privileged that I was getting the real scoop. Groff is wise and her ideas are fresh.

Some sentences made me ponder with glee, even if I did have to read them twice! And I ate up the language and the images. Here are a few quotes, to give you a taste: He is deformed, crooked, old and sere; ill-faced, worse bodied, shapeless everywhere; vicious, ungentle, foolish, blunt, unkind; stigmatical in making, worse in mind.

It was a cover for poor hygiene or for body shame. Clean people never aspired to the floral. No marriage is what it seems, and this one is no exception—there are secrets and sorrows and guilt and failures.

Insecurities, vulnerabilities, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities. The characters are often underground, not exposing their real selves—neither their feelings nor actions—to each other, though their mutual love is intense.

If you give voice to the things you think every day about your spouse, you'd crush them to paste. She never lied, just never said. Groff deftly shows us the history and motives many of which are doozies behind the scenes.

The second part is what makes this book sing. The story made my mind jump, made the book sort of interactive in a cool way, in that as I read the second half of the book, I would naturally remember back to the first way the story was told.

It made my mind love the play of back and forth, as I looked at two versions of one event—pure delight. But, as I said, this was a slow read, especially the first part.

I still think this book is phenomenal, and I think it deserves awards. View all 60 comments. Also still metabolizing who she was given the little bump when she was only 4.

Nov 07, May 27, Joodith rated it did not like it Shelves: It's not often I say I hate a book, but I absolutely hate this, and yes, I realise I'm sticking my neck out, and I'll more than likely be in the minority, but c'est la vie.

He calls his mother Muvva! They are beautiful of course - who wants to read about plain or ugly people? The prose in this book is so over the top, so flamboyant, obscure and ostentatious I just cannot stand it.

This particular passage had me cringing: She stretched her long arms over her head, and there were little nests of winter hair in the pits.

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Fates and Furies Slots - Play Online or on Mobile Now -

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